5 Tips to Beautiful Beach Waves

Wavy beach hairWhether you live near the beach or not, it’s undeniable that beachy wavy hair is setting the trend right now. Easy to create and less stressful on the hair than styles that require heat, beach waves are the go-to summer look that just doesn’t seem to go away! Here are our top 5 tips on how to create and keep the beautiful free flowing wave look this summer:

1. BRAIDS, BRAIDS, BRAIDS- Perfect for a fresh youthful look and also helpful to create a second day wave. Start by braiding your hair in multiple sections when hair is wet or slightly damp the night before you want to wear a wavy style. Or, try braided styles that you can unbraid the following day and spray lightly with a hairspray like Soy Touchable, and get faux-beach babe ready!

2. Respect the Leave-In!- Coat hair with a leave-in conditioner like Soy Want It All or Soy-Tri Wheat pre-beach wave styling. This will help combat overall dryness, and give your locks healthy gloss & shine.

3. Salt is Better- Saltwater from the ocean provides hair with a natural texture that allows for better hold when styling. After a beach day, skip shampooing and use a diffuser, like the Sexy Hair Ultimate Control Dryer while scrunching the hair. If you’re not at the beach, try a beach spray like Soy Renewal Beach Spray on dry or damp hair. Spray product in hair and air dry, the salted formula will give hair the same effect as after-beach day waves.

4. Always Trim- Summer tends to make hair dry, and this can be heightened when using beach sprays that contain salt and other drying agents. One of the best kept secrets to fighting dryness is clipping ends that are already dead. Trim hair right before summer to minimize damage before you head out into the sun.

5. Tools of the trade- When detangling hair after the shower or beach always use a wide tooth comb to give hair separation without breakage. To maintain beautiful hair beach waves every day, spritz a UV protectant like Smooth & Seal to the end of the comb when untangling knots. Also, keep a small water bottle filled with water in your purse and spray your hair throughout the day. Salt in beach water and in products can make hair dryer and a refresher like water can help quench your tresses.

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